Understandably, the current situation with the COVID-19 outbreak has brought uncertainties with the upcoming embarkations in April and May.

To help our guests have their dream sailing holiday anyway, we have decided to make some adjustments in our policies, as stated below.

For all bookings due to embark in April and May, guests can:

Existing adjustment in payment terms still stands – for all of the bookings confirmed in March, clients can choose to pay only 10% of the charter fee as downpayment, while the rest is paid as is usual practice:

Of course, we will keep on monitoring the situation and do our best to adjust to the changing conditions.

We are approaching each case individually in order to provide the best possible service and solution for our guests. As you know, this takes time and dedication, so we are asking for your patience and understanding as our priority are bookings due within the next two months. All other inquiries will be handled in their due time so if you could help us with this issue, we'll be truly grateful!

Thank you in advance!

*reschedule conditions will be determined for each booking individually