In the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading, some charter guests have contacted Navigare with concerns and questions. Below is some information to help you plan your travels with Navigare in complete serenity. Through our proactive communication, we wish to reassure our charter guests and prospective clients that their health and safety is our top priority.

How does the COVID-19 affect my journey?

At the moment, some countries Ministry of Foreign affairs or Public Health Authorities have imposed a travel restrictions or ban to and from certain countries. While we’re continually monitoring official communication, we encourage our guests to do the same for the most up-to-date travel recommendations.

If you have a booking from or in a country where there is a travel restriction or ban, please contact us regarding your booking's terms and conditions.

Regular cancellation and rebooking rules otherwise apply, and you are able to rebook your charter accordingly. If you booked with a partner agent, please contact them for assistance with your booking.

Should I cancel my booking?

Navigare cannot substitute itself for any of the qualified health or safety organizations who make recommendations to travelers. Therefore, it is standard practice to rely on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel recommendations in each country and follow their recommendations.

For more information, contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Public Health Authorities for the country you are traveling to. Whatever the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may advise, it is up to our guests to decide if they wish to postpone or change their charter.

At the moment, special booking terms and policies apply and are continuously updated accordingly as we receive information regarding travel recommendations from the appropriate authorities, and the general development concerning covid-19.

The following applies: