Southwest Turkey: Your soul, your destination

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Are you a history lover? Or perhaps looking for some privacy? You might even be the type who would like to spice up a boat holiday with some night life ashore. Take a moment to decide what would elevate your soul and you can then find your southwest Turkey destination – with a little help from your charter operator.

Southwest Turkey: Your soul, your destination

Different people can expect different things from their charter adventure. Crystal clear waters, wonderful bays and historical sites are a standard to begin with, but some might want to spend their holiday, for example, in more private coves, savoring the peace and quiet, while others might find excitement in exploring historical sites both ashore and underwater. It’s all possible with little touches to your southwest Turkey destinations.

Choose where to start

In the southwest, there are four basic destinations to start or end your charter: Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek and Fethiye. One way trips are also possible if you can find a boat with an available schedule. Depending on your choice, all these four destinations can offer variations of peace, rest, history, local interaction and fun. So if you have a special interest in any of these, make sure you consult with your charter operator to customize your destination.

Bodrum to Göcek: A bit of everything

Although the distance might be a little long for a weekly charter, this destination has always been the most popular. And for a good reason: it offers a bit of everything. The energy of Bodrum, charming little islands and low populated villages are among the many things this destination can offer. You might even consider extending this journey to two weeks because at the end of the charter week, you might feel there is still a lot left to see.

Gökova and Hisarönü: As peaceful as it gets

You might think that peace and quiet are among the default settings of a charter holiday and you’re right. A boat trip can take you far from the crowd and give you new sights and sounds in solitude. But if you want more of this peaceful feeling and perhaps more privacy, you might consider spending more time in the breathtaking coves around Gökova and Hisarönü.

Göcek to Kekova: The ultimate historical experience

For some of us, underwater historical ruins can be the definition of awe and excitement. If you’re among these old souls, go for Göcek and Kekova destination. The ruins are so close to the surface, you don’t even have to dive; all you need is a snorkel. This might even be a great opportunity to introduce your kids to mythology and the ancient times. Remember that this destination also gives you the chance to to visit the only Greek island in that area – Kastellorizo.

Marmaris to Fethiye: Have some fun

For all charterers young at heart, this destination is a great choice. In addition to wonderful historical sites and charming little islands, this destination can offer a taste of the infamous Turkish night life ashore. If you choose this destination, you will probably have more memorable nights than others.


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