Seven basics for bareboat rental

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Country – specific legislations, necessary qualifications and the charter operator’s part through the process… All the basics are in this seven - step checklist.

Seven basics for bareboat rental

1 Every skipper must have an approved license

In every country, authorities are meticulous when it comes to rules, legislations and concern for safety. So you must learn license requirements for every country that you rent a boat.

2 Certifications may vary

The skipper must have an RYA Day or Coastal Skipper qualification, or an international equivalent such as the ICC qualification. You can always ask your charter operator if you need to know more.

3 Experience is a must

To rent a bareboat, the skipper must have previous skippering experience aboard - with boats of similar size to that being chartered.

4 Verify your experience

Before actually renting the boat, the charter operator will ask to see copies of your licenses and proof for your sailing experience. Keep your documents ready. Please remember that the charter operator may always run a background check.

5 Have a fellow sailor with you

At least one other crew member should be a competent sailboat sailor, who ideally has sailed with you before. Keep his/her documents ready for the booking process.

6 Keep original papers

You must keep your original sailing documents and certifications with you at all times. For example, the Harbor Master will ask to see your skipper license before issuing a transit log.

7 Ask, ask, ask!

If you have any concerns about the boat you’re renting or the cruising area, your charter operator is always there to help. Don’t hesitate to ask even about the smallest details because your charter operator wishes for a safe and happy holiday as much as you do.


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