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Olympic Marina

Olympic Marine has a strategic key location in Greece, offering easy and quick access either by road or sea. It is just 20 minutes form Athens International Airport and only a breath away from the charming Cyclades islands. The prices are also special, for you can find a good balance between the services offered and what you pay. The marina has been awarded continuously by the International “Blue Flag” Program since 2000.

The marina has a capacity of 680 mooring places for boats up to 40 meters; and it can host 700 boats on dry dock. It has offer 3 travel lifts (40tons, 65tons, 200tons) for hauling and launching.

Sightseeing: Lavrion is located at the southeast tip of Attica, 52 kilometers from Athens. The municipality lies over 42,000 acres with the pine-tree area of Sounion National Park taking the largest part. the Sea of South Euboea and the Saronic Gulf blend along its coastlines, forming wonderful beaches. It has a population of over 10 thousand

The Mineralogical Museum of Lavrion is one of the most interesting places to see. It was founded in 1984 by the Lavreotiki Research Society. It is dedicated to the memory of metallurgist, Andrew Kordella, whose scientific work led to the revival of the ancient Lavrion mines. The small building hosting the museum is also wort mentioning because it portrays a typical example of the modern industrial architecture of Lavrion. At the museum, you can see minerals and metals from the Lavrion area, which is one of the most important mining regions in the world, along with items related to silver and lead production.

Cape Sounion; located at the southernmost area of Attica (65 km. from Athens), is situated in an idyllic area. Those interested in history will be delighted to see the the ancient temple of Poseidon, one of the most important sanctuaries of antiquity.

Arriving at Cape Sounion, the first thing you see you will be the ancient temple, almost welcoming guests. It is located on the highest point of the hill (at an altitude of 60 meters above sea level) and looks like a connecting ring between the sky, earth and the sea.

Thorikos is also a very important archeological area. Based on the excavations conducted by the Belgian archaeological mission between 1963-1976, it is one of the oldest settlements in Attica and one of the region’s oldest naval fortresses.

The archeological site of Thorikos, is also the home to an ancient theater, which is believed to be the oldest surviving, in Greece today. It is dated between the 525 and 480 BC and consists of a rectangular stage and 21 seated rows. On the east side of the hill you can find the largest domed tomb from the Mycenaean period. Near the top of the hill, lay the remains of the tombs.

Just 50 km from Athens, Sounio National Park covers a huge area at the southeast edge of Attica. Historical, geological mining and paleontological value of the entire area is priceless. You can see the ruins of ancient mines and workshops from historical times, along with settlements that cover all of the Paleolithic, Neolithic and Prehistoric periods. The cave "Kitsos", 2 km north of St. Constantine or Kamariza is extremely important. In that same cave; some stunning palaeobotanical and paleontological evidence were found, along with fossils of botanical species that no longer exist in the region or Greece. The black pine, boxwood, the ash, the agriofountoukia (Pinus nigra, Buxus sempervirens, Fraxinus, Corylus), the coastal pine, the felodrys (Pinus marritima, Quercus suber) are among these species.

Available Boats in and around Piraeus, Athens

Olympic Marina


  • Covered parking area for boats on a trailer
  • Launching and hoisting facilities and services
  • Electricity and water for every berth
  • Fixed piers with mooring lines
  • Floating piers with finger piers
  • Refueling station
  • Special barrels for oil and biological waste
  • Certified hazardous waste collection from vessels
  • Customer's choice of repair services
  • Crane (travel lift) 45t, 65t and 200t
  • Slipway for trailers (only for customers)
  • Car parking
  • Round the clock surveillance by private security company and local authorities
  • Controlled entrance by the Access Control System
  • 24 hour daily monitoring of entrances
  • Port authority and Customs House
  • Chandlery with a wide variety of products
  • Mini market with a wide variety of essential goods
  • Restaurant - cafe' - bar
  • Rent car, bikes, scooters
  • ATM for cash withdrawals
  • Toilets and showers open 24 hours a day (also adopted for use by people with disabilities)
  • Laundry and dryers with easy access and use (with tokens) open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • First aid facilities, with potential to notify the local Health Center if the need arises
  • Free WiFi internet
  • Transportation of customers and baggage within the marina
  • Luggage trolleys

Piraeus, Athens | Saronic Gulf

N37°41'49.2" E24°3'28.8"


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+30 22920 63700

Olympic Marina

77 km Athens Sounio Sounio, Athens

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