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Methana Marina

Methana Marina in the city of Méthana has a complete range of services which include water, electricity and a gas station. It has 70 berths for boats of 25 meters of length and a maximum depth of 3 meters. As it has ramp and a crane, this yacht club allows you to work on the slipway or pull your boat into the water. During mooring, the staff at the port will assist you all the way.

Methana Marina is located on the peninsula with the same name, famous for its two steep volcanic slopes. Methana volcano is what we owe this great landscape to. Emerging from the depths of the sea, it formed stunning volcanic scenes, rich vegetation areas and wonderful sandy beaches. The main tourist attraction in Methana is the mountains. This small peninsula surprisingly hosts over 30 volcanic eruption centres. In the middle of this rugged terrain, the city has a rich flora and a unique wildlife, which attracts many nature lovers from all over the world. Dining is really special in the area. You will find some fantastic restaurants, such as O Meletis, serving wonderful home-cooking. If you like, you can book a luxurious suite in the famous Apollon Hotel Methana, Cavo Petra, Studios Nikos, Stamatiou or Dimitris and let their remarkable staff take care of your every need. If you want to turn a holiday into a romantic vacation with your loved one,Methana Marina is also a wonderful choice.

Sightseeing: Formerly called "Morias", the Peloponnese resembles a plane tree leaf. The charming Peloponnese is one of the most popular regions in the south of Greece. In ancient times, it used to be a peninsula connected to the rest of Greece by the Isthmus of Corinth. The region is now separated from the mainland by the narrow Corinth Canal, but there are many bridges connecting Peloponnese to Attica across the canal. This area is quite rich culturally and has become very popular for this. Especially during the summer season, many tourists from all over the world come to the to enjoy the cultural events.

Mountains, forests, rivers and caves surrounded by the sea and sandy beaches are make up the wonderful natural scenery on which historical monuments stand. You can find the remains of every period of eventful Peloponnesian history. Breathtaking archaeological sites and gorgeous Byzantine churches add to the charm of the Peloponnese region, making it a highly popular holiday destination. Peloponnese has a dry climate on the east. In its central and mountainous parts you can find some cold weather, snow and rich vegetation while and rain and heat is coomon on the west. 

The prefecture of Korinthos is a popular stop for guests coming from Attica because it offers a wide range of alternatives. Berathtaking massifs, charming sea-side resorts and the majestic archeological sites are all within reach. The beautiful shorelines in Korinthos and the Saronic Gulf are home to many modern tourist facilities that can offer comfort. But the nature is an attraction by itself where the blue sea blends in with the green of pine and olive trees and the grape vines, forming the unforgettable scenery. 

The delicious Corinthian raisin, famous worldwide, is one of the things you must not forget to experience. Ilia, which used to be the region’s center in antiquity, is another important area, as it is the very spot where the Olympic Games took place. This area is exciting for those who love mountain and sea views, with charming vacation towns reaching down to the sea, beautifully decorated with pine trees.

If you want more of sunbathing and swimming, Ilia is also a great spot. And if you have a love of history, you will be delighted to see the important archaeological sites in the area including Olympia, Ilis, the Temple of Epicurios Apollo. As the home to Diros caves, Mt. Taygetos and cape Tainaros, Laconia offers tremendous natural beauty. And the village has more than enough historical sites that can take you on a magical journey to medieval times. Mystra, the breathtaking fortress city at Monemvasia, together with the tower houses in Mani, can give you a special gaze into Greece’s past. 

Archaia is the place to go if you’re searching for beautiful sandy beaches and breath taking landscapes of mountains and seaside. You will feel amazed at the splendour of Panachaiko, Helmos and Erymanthos mountains as you have the holiday of a life time.

Methana Marina


  • Drinkable water
  • Bar/Restaurant
  • Harbor Master
  • Electricity
  • Gas station
  • Crane
  • Weather info 
  • Ramp
  • Waste collection
  • Market
  • Service station
  • Dressing rooms

Poros | Saronic Gulf

N37°34'36.84" E23°23'20.04"

VHF 16

Methana 18030

Driving Distances
Mark Poros
17 km
Airport Athens International Airport
192 km
Airport Kalamata International Airport
202 km
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