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Keramoti Marina

Keramoti is located on the edge of the Keramoti gulf, at the delta of the river Nestos. It lies on the southeast of Kavala and opposite of the island of Thasos. It has a very convenient location for all kinds of transportation: Only 10 km away from the international airport Megas Alexandros of Kavala, 40 km from Kavala and Xanthi, 14 km from Chrisoupoli, and 6 nautical miles from Thasos...

A small fishing village until recently, the town has now become a hot destination for family vacations and ecotourism. it provides easy access to Thassos by ferry, Keramoti, Kavala district,.

If you want to spend your vacation among natural beauties, or want to enjoy nature without giving up the comforts of civilization, Keramoti is ideal.

Available Boats in and around Kavala

Keramoti Marina


  • Mini markets
  • Free Parking area: plenty of parking spaces
  • Fuel: Upon delivery of the boat, the fuel tanks will be full
  • Electricity: 220V power with a 24hour access
  • Restaurants/Cafe/Bars around the port
  • Bank

Kavala | East Macedonia and Thrace

N40°51'29.37" E24°42'8.91"

VHF 16

+30 2510223691

Averof 1, Kavala 654 03

Driving Distances
Mark Kavala
40 km
Airport Kavala International Airport
26 km
Airport Alexandroupolis Int Airport
152 km
Sailing Distances