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A land of fairy tales

If you want to experience the beauty of the Adriatic Sea and the 1000+ islands of Croatia, a boat holiday is the best way to go. With its awesome medieval history, breathtaking natural beauty and an inviting night life, Croatia welcomes sailors of all ages.

Night life and beautiful islands - Southern Croatia (Dalmatian Coast)

If it’s going to be your first adventure in the Adriatic Sea, you can choose one of the Southern Croatia destinations. Starting from medieval cities of Split or Dubrovnik, The Dalmatian Coast is famous for its beautiful islands and historical monuments as well a dynamic nightlife. You can also experience the wonderful Croatian cuisine in a wide selection of local restaurants.

Most islands are only half a day away from each other and most itineraries will offer a week of island hopping between the popular islands of Hvar, Korcula, Vis and Brac. Although the Southern Coast is known to attract mostly a younger crowd, you can find a variety of activities for sailors of all ages, including children.

Beauty and culture - Northern Croatia (Istria)

Istria region is highly recommended for families and large groups. Situated along the northern coast of Croatia, Istria is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. It was officially a part of Italy in the mid 20th century, so the Italian influence is still evident in the region’s language, culture and cuisine. In this region, Pula, Rovinj, and Porec are the most popular and most crowded coastal towns sailors love to visit.

Discover the best marinas on the Croatian coastline

With nearly six thousand kilometres of coastline including the islands, and a main attraction for yacht charterers, Croatia is rich in marinas as well.

With MapGuide, check out all the nautical information and a complete list of facilities as well as suggestions for what you can do after tying up. You can also see the driving distances from the nearest airports as well as sailing distances to the three nearest marinas.

Best restaurants for sailors on the Croatian coastline and the islands

Reviewed by sailors for sailors

Croatian cuisine has a lot to offer for sailors. The food is good old Mediterranean in the South and an elegant mix of Mid-European and Italian style in the North! Check out our list of local restaurants where sailors can enjoy fish, lamb and pork specialties and wash it down with wonderful Croatian wines and beers.

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A new adventure everyday: Island hopping in Croatia

With precisely 1246 islands, the Croatian Adriatic is an island hopping paradise for yacht charterers. Most islands are only hours away from each other and offer some of the world’s most amazing nature as well as history and culture.

Croatia’s islands and islets encompass nearly 6,000 kilometres of coastline and much more. Although Hvar, Korcula, Vis and Brac are the most popular islands charterers love to visit, the Dalmatian coast has much more to offer. Island hopping in Croatia lets you see the medieval towns and fortresses, enjoy wonderful Croatian cuisine and the local hospitability. The Croation islands will always leave you wanting to come back for more.

Weather and Winds

The Croatian coast is a popular sailing destination not only because of its wonderful islands and bays, but also for its ideal climate. The number of sunny days and clear skies per year is well above 300, with warm summers and mild winters. The chartering season starts in May and ends in November and the charterers can enjoy warm weather all through these months. Temperatures in April – May average 25°C and rise to 28°C in August. Through September – October occasional rains can be expected and the average temperature is 23°C. But remember; by the middle of September the temperatures start dropping fast to an average of 20°C and the sailors must be cautious as the weather can change very quickly.

The realm of the Bora, the Sirocco and the Maestral

The Croatian coastline is dominated by three major winds called the Bora, the Sirocco and the Maestral.

The Bora is a north-easterly dry, cold wind. And it brings fine weather. The force of the Bora may vary from a light breeze to more intense.

The Sirocco is a warm, humid wind blowing from ESE to SSE and brings rough seas. The sky clouds thickly and there is almost always prolonged rain. It reaches its greatest force in the South Adriatic. It can blow at any time of the year.

The Maestral is caused by the diffeerence of heat between the sea and the land. It is a day time wind and always dies down before sunset. It brings white clouds and fine weather.