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As peaceful and private as a boat holiday can get

Along the Turkish coastline, you can always find the ultimate peace and privacy a boat holiday can offer. You can also swim without any diving gears over ancient ruins and sovor a dream like atmosphere.


The waters that bind continents

Peace and quiet are among the default settings of a charter holiday because a boat trip can take you far from the crowd and give you new sights and sounds in solitude. But if you want more of this peaceful feeling and perhaps more privacy, you might consider spending more time in the breathtaking coves around Gökova and Hisarönü.

In Göcek and Kekova regions, sunken cities that date back to the Lycian times are waiting for those who want to experience nature and history in the most astonishing way. Ruins are so close to the surface, you don’t even have to dive; all you need is a snorkel. This might even be a great opportunity to introduce your kids to mythology and the ancient times.

Bareboat or Skippered: If you are a “good captain”, you may prefer bareboat but if you decide to hire a captain for your yacht charter, your experienced skipper will take you the most secluded bays and coves and tell the stories of these places.