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Sardinia and Corsica - Two Paradise Islands

Sardinia and Corsica were connected once and but volcanic activity tore them apart, leaving huge shards of granite rock in the turquoise waters. Now, these islands belong to two different countries but their histories, cultures and people are more intertwined than one might think. Sardinia Corsica Yacht Charter Holiday takes us to the waters of Straight of Bonifacio which lies between these two paradise islands. Enjoy truly blue, crystal clear waters, enjoy delicious cuisine of both French and Italian traditions and set sail with quite strong winds.


Island hopping between Sardinia and Corsica

Sail in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean with endless sunshine and secluded coves. Island hopping between the islands of Sardinia and Corsica while stopping to snorkel, sunbathe and dive, is the best sailing holiday idea ever. Get ready to wake up in a new miraculous spot with the infinite possibility to anchor your yacht in beautiful coves and bays.

Highlights of Sardinia and Corsica

  • The pearl of the La Maddalena archipelago -  Spiaggia Rosa: the most famous beach in all of Sardina is the epic Budelli and its unique rose-colored beach, which owes its beautiful colours to millions of crushed corals. You will take the best pictures of your yacht charter holiday here.
  • Corsica’s Best Kept Secret – the legendary land in Homer's "Odyssey": Hanging high up on a white chalk limestone cliff on the southern coast of Corsica lies the medieval town of Bonifacio. Swim in the crystal clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea while exploring the ancient citadel of Bonifacio.
  • Sailing with Children - Capo d’Orso: Give your kids something to look for in this sailing trip – Rock of the Bear. At the very north of Sardinia near Porto Cervo at Capo d’Orso, is a huge bear shaped rock. It is a massive block of granite, windswept over centuries. Climb up to the path which takes you to the top of the rocky hill where the bear stands.
  • Dance through the night in the Emerald Coast: Indulge yourself into the night life the Costa Smeralda upon discovering this exclusive reserve on the planet after a day time sailing. This northeastern corner of Sardinia has some of the Mediterranean’s best beaches along with some of the finest marinas, most iconic hotels and liveliest nightclubs.