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Pula - Small, Beautiful and Sheltering

Pula stands in the southernmost part of the Istria Peninsula, a popular destination for yacht charters. The city has been the administrative center of the Istria region since Ancient Roman times. Located in a secluded place in a wide bay, Pula is protected by the seven hills surrounding it. Thus it’s a perfect shelter even against the strongest storms and its smooth sea is a pleasure for tourists and yacht charter clients alike. Also worth attention for its Roman remains, Pula was taken over from Italy after World War II. Naturally, you feel something Italian throughout the city. Pula’s Arena was once the venue for bloody gladiator fights, and is the world’s sixth biggest Roman amphitheater that survived to day. Close to town is the Vinkuran village forest, a refreshing place by the sea, if you have some time to visit before renting a boat in Pula.


The Lim Channel and Islands through Charter Boats

Through yacht charters in Pula you can visit the Brijuni Islands and National Park consisting of islets a bit north of Pula, by the western shores of Istria. You can then sail to the Lim Channel in the north and feel as if you’re in the Norwegian fjords! Surrounded by green hills from both sides with no houses at all, the channel goes 9 kilometers into the land and forms one of the most unforgettable panoramas of Istria. If you are one of those who like to dive on boat holidays, you might consider diving to the carcasses of Ancient Roman galiots around here.
To the south of Pula, you should definitely visit the islands on the Kvarner Bay, turning the southern point of Istria. Susak Island has a small village in a beautiful natural environment. Visit Krk, the biggest island of the Adriatic, to have lively times, and Pag Island, known as the ‘party island’ for its festivals. Cres Island with the ancient village of Lubrice, and Rab Island with long sandy beaches and medieval towers, are among the places you can only explore through yacht charters. 

Notes from Pula:

  • If you’d like to have a few days of rest before your boat holiday, you can go to Gortan, Havajsko, Ambrela or Ferijalni beaches in Pula.
  • You might consider seeing the theatrical gladiator fights or participating in cultural activities in the Arena.
  • Famous Irish writer James Joyce has lived in Pula for a while. You might like to stop by the Uliks Bar and have a coffee with Joyce’s statue before renting a boat.
  • Many European cities have direct flights to Pula. team will inform you about the flight schedules.