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Corfu and Lefkada / Ionian Islands - Greek Islands in Venetian Style

On the western side of the Greek mainland, these islands on the Ionian Sea are known as the seven islands. You can thoroughly enjoy Corfu, Paxoi and Antipaxoi, Lefkada, Ithaca, Cephalonia, Zakynthos and Kythira by renting a boat in the region. These islands have a different geographical texture and cultural heritage than those on the Aegean, with hills covered with forests and olive groves, and a blend of Italian, especially Venetian culture. The beaches and coves here offer an unforgettable sea holiday. 


Get off the Plane and Start Your Boat Holiday

Corfu (or Kerkyra in Greek) is easily accessible as it is one of the few islands with an airport. Thus it is the most popular starting point of yacht charter routes on the Ionian Islands. Downtown Corfu resembles Italian towns with its Venetian style houses. Its plentiful nature, pretty streets and fortress add to the attraction of Corfu. We recommend that you first discover Corfu for a few days, and then rent a boat. But don’t forget about the other islands in the meantime: Paxoi and Antipaxoi have white sandy beaches and a clear, glittery sea, Kythira has very nice fishing villages and even some waterfalls, and Cephalonia offers wonderful food in a beautiful natural environment. If you’d like to add a different dimension to your sea holiday, consider sailing to the small island Meganissi.

Notes from the Ionian Islands:

  • Try bianco or bourdeto on Corfu: Bianco is cod fish, gray mullet or another suitable fish cooked in water with a garlic-and-lemon sauce, potatoes and black pepper. Bourdeto is another fish dish with tomato sauce and parsley. Both go very well with white wine made of Corfu’s local Kakotrygis grapes. 
  • Swim in the Canal d’Amour and your love lasts forever: Here’s Corfu’s most famous and most special beach. Between Sidari and Peroulades villages on the northern shores of the island, Canal d’Amour is a wonder of nature. It is believed that any couple who swims together in this canal formed of limestone rocks will forever remain in love. And we know there’s no better place to relight the fire of love than a sailing holiday.
  • Enjoy the sunset on Cape Drastis: One of the best things about renting a boat is that you can enjoy many places hardly reachable through land. Cape Drastis is a safe place to moor. Here, the limestone rocks have taken marvelous forms. Just wait for those magic moments when the last lights of the setting sun hit the rocks. And the beach is pure white, and the sea clear blue... As you must say goodbye to this place, remember all the other incredibly beautiful places awaiting you on your yacht charter route…
  • Visit the Egemni Beach: Lefkada may be crowded at times, as it is quickly reachable from the mainland through an underwater tunnel. But the nature is unspoiled and you can easily leave the crowds behind when you rent a boat and set sail to the coves. You should definitely sail to Egemni, considered to be one of the best beaches on the whole Mediterranean region, with pine forests surrounding turquoise waters.
  • That’ beach you must see: When talking about the Ionian Islands, or even Greece as a whole, the iconic photo that comes to mind is that of the Navaggio Beach on Zakynthos. The white and soft sand is already wonderful, and the shipwreck by the shore makes the scene even more fantastic. By the way, you should also spend some time on land here: Zakynthos also offers a lively night life.
  • Read Cavafy on Ithaca: Although very beautiful, Ithaca is still a pristine island. This is the homeland that Odysseus strives to return in Homer’s Odyssey. ‘As you set out for Ithaka / hope your road is a long one, / full of adventure, full of discovery’ goes Constantine Cavafy’s great poem on Ithaca. Enjoy Ithaca’s primeval beauty while reading this poem on your sea holiday.