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A Journey into the Land Where It All Began

Greece, namely the cradle of Western civilization, is a main attraction for sailors from around the world. With more than 6000 islands scattered between the two sides of the Aegean Sea and a strong heritage, Greece has a lot to offer yacht charterers.



An Array of Dream-Like Experiences

The sailing scenery in Greece is crowded with sailing yachts, catamarans, motor yachts and gulets of all sizes almost all year round. Although most yacht charters in the Mediterranean last a week, two week charters are also quite common in Greece destinations through the Aegean and Cyclades areas. And for a good reason: You just can’t get enough of island hopping.

Greek Islands

Greek islands are known for the incredibly wide range of experiences they can offer. They are very close to each other and there’s so many of them but still they can be quite different from one another. On Greek islands you can discover quiet beaches, hidden coves, sea caves, islets and even volcanoes to enjoy what the nature has to offer. You can then choose to visit manmade wonders like ancient cities, lighthouses or modern picturesque ports. You can also meet hospitable local people, taste the wonderful food and enjoy a strong culture that has stood the test of time.

Remember: The Saronic Gulf, Kithnos, Serifos, Siros, Kea, Poros, Spetses, Dhokos and Hydra are among some of the most popular points for sailors and certainly deserve their fame.

Bareboat or Skippered: If you are a “good captain”, you may prefer bareboat but if you decide to hire a captain for your yacht charter, your experienced skipper will take you the most secluded bays and coves and tell the stories of these places.