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Fethiye & Göcek - A Yachting Heaven Protected by Mountains

On the southwestern coast of Turkey, Göcek is situated by the deepest part of Fethiye Bay. One of the most popular routes for boat holidays, Fethiye Bay owes its beauty to the sheltering arms of the mountains surrounding it, and the cedar, pine and elm forests where tree branches arch over the clear blue sea. The Dodecanese Islands of Greece, very close to Göcek’s spectacular geography, are another center of attraction with all the wonderful coves they have. As calm as an inland sea, Göcek is a sanctuary for sailing holidays away from strong winds and big waves. The shadows of the mountains remind you of the depth of this geography all the time.

The reflections of pine trees over the sea, the music of the branches moving in the soft breeze, and that amazing, glittering sea will be among the unforgettables of this sea holiday. You might be surprised by the fact that there are no beaches in Göcek town centre. All the coves are on the islands and other places reachable by boat. In short, a sea holiday in Göcek means a sailing holiday. Fethiye as the nearby bigger town is often pleasant, but sometimes you feel it has rather too many buildings. Nevertheless, it also has beautiful coves and islands as charming as those in Göcek.


Anatolia’s Historic Remains

It’s not only one island or a single cove… Yacht charter in Göcek means you can see Lycian rock graves all around in many shores. And it’s not only the Lycians glimpsing from the past: You’ll also see the remnants of a Byzantine monastery, half submerged in to the Mediterranean around the Cleopatra Baths, and old Greek houses, docks and the remains of watchtower in the Tersane (‘Dock’) Island. When you sail to the eastern coast of the bay, to the south of Fethiye, you can see both Roman and Byzantine remains and frescoes in the Gemiler (Ships) Island. Once used by the Knights of Saint John to defend Fethiye, Şövalye (Knight) Island has a fortress, some cisterns and mosaics. If you’re interested, will provide you with more information about the historical places on your sailing holiday route.

Notes from Göcek:

  • Thoroughly enjoy Göcek: Atbükü, Boynuzbükü, Bedri Rahmi (Taşyaka), Sıralıbük, Sarsala, Merdivenli Cove, Hamam, Yavansu, Göbün, Tersane Island… You’ll fall in love with each of them when you rent a boat in Göcek, where the weather and sea conditions are just wonderful everywhere. In the sheltered coves and calm seas of Göcek you will deeply feel the darkness and quiet of the world, and sleep amazingly well in this sea holiday.
  • If you have kids, stay moored in Yassıcalar: seven little flat islands floating cheek to cheek, “Yassıcalar” means “the flat ones.” The islets offer lots of safe places to beach your sail boat. On the island in the edge, you’ll easily spot the sandy beach formed on a natural extension to the sea, which forms a shallow pool. You’ll love these flat islets as much as the kids do.
  • Trek from Soğuksu to Kayaköy: If you love trekking like you love sailing, drop your anchor in Soğuksu Cove, out of the Fethiye Bay, and reach Kayaköy in a 50-minute walk. Built in the beginning of the nineteenth century, Kayaköy, or Levissi in its Greek original name, has a wonderful view with its 500 stone houses on a hill. As pretty as it is, Kayaköy is a sad village as it was left completely empty with the population exchange between Turkey and Greece, 1923. On your return to your boat, refresh yourself in the chilly waters of this crystalline cove.
  • Try the coastal restaurants only reachable by boat: The islands and coves of the bay have many small and very good restaurants. Most of these have landing sites and the staff come to help you tie your boat. team may help you find the best ones. There’s nothing better than these restaurants for lunch and dinner on a yacht charter.