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The Cyclades - The Sea of Gods

Aegean Islands are almost tailored for ‘island hopping,’ sailing from one island to the next. Cyclades, the 220 Greek islands and islets on southern Aegean, are a heaven for boat holidays. Amazing coves, great fishing villages, iconic scenery and myths dating back to ancient times… Once you taste it, you’ll look forward to be on a yacht on these seas again.


A boat holiday in nature

Although the Cyclades actually don’t make a boat holiday route to be completed in a week, you can form a one-week route based upon your own holiday expectations. Mykonos and Santorini are, of course, the most popular yacht charter route for those who love to party. And if you’re on a boat, the quiet coves are right there to refresh next morning. If you want to stay away from the madding crowd and get a glimpse of the local way of life in the Cyclades, you should rent a boat and set sail to Paros, Amorgos, and Andros. Time goes slower on these very natural places where you can genuinely relax and refresh your soul.

Notes from the Cyclades:

  • Touch ‘the Quiet Heart of Cyclades’: The beauty of Paros was discovered only around 2000s, and luckily by the yacht charter fans who love slow holidays. On your boat holiday we do recommend that you visit Naoussa and other fishing villages of Paros. Sail to golden beaches, empty coves, and rock-surrounded lagoons. The local restaurants on Paros are famous throughout the Cyclades-together with those on Sifnos.
  • Now is the time to party: Mykonos is among the most visited islands of all Greek Islands, together with Santorini. We can fairly say that these two islands are like a sanctuary for yacht charters, and both deserve their fame with their spectacular views. But Mykonos has a special place for those who like to go partying on their boat holidays. Agrari, Elia, Paradise, Psarou, Malalianos and Tourlos are the party beaches of Mykonos. We should add that the Tango Cocktail Bar in Fira, Santorini, is quite a lively place in the small hours.
  • Trek through the calderas from Fira to Oia: Even if you haven’t been to a yacht trip to the Cyclades yet, you surely have an idea of Santorini’s iconic white church with a blue dome. To see the stunning sceneries of Santorini, we recommend that you walk on the calderas from Fira and Oia. If you opt for the low season to rent a boat, you won’t need to go two hours early to find a place on top of the island.
  • Tan on the best beaches: Perivolos, Santorini’s wonderful beach famous for its volcanic black sand, and the Red Beach with crimson rocks are places you shouldn’t miss once you’re on Santorini. On your boat holiday go ashore on Kiriaki Beach on Milos, Plaka on Naxos, Mylopotas on Ios, Vitali on Andros, Kolymbithres on Paros, Livadia on Antiparos, and Koufonisia on Fanos, and any others that you like among the countless beaches of the Cyclades. Walking on the sand on a sea holiday will take all your stress away.
  • Play with the rock shapes: Your yacht charter route should not miss the odd-shaped Arkoudes Rocks on Milos. The most famous of the Arkoudes is the bear shaped one (‘Arkouda’ means ‘bear’ in Greek). You’ll surely see that bear when you get there, but if you look carefully you can find other animals and forms as well.
  • Visit Delos, the island of gods: Delos is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It’s prohibited to stay here overnight, but you are allowed to spend four hours. Delos is believed to be the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, and has an archaeological site. On your boat holiday you can visit the temples dating to eighth century, and the archaeological museum.