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A Heaven so Close!

Lying against the western shores of Morocco, the Spanish-speaking Canary Islands have a unique culture. With a justified fame, these very special islands of Spain offer the opportunity to have a glimpse of the real island life without having to travel a long way into the Pacific. The Canaries are only 108 kilometers away from the northwest African mainland.


From Golden Beaches to Volcanic Black Sands

The Canaries are sunny and warm throughout the year. With the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic, spectacular volcanoes, and a land bearing the marks of struggles between the Spanish and the Portuguese to conquer her, the Canary Islands deserve one of the first spaces among the places you must add to your bucket list. The islands have beaches with golden sands reminiscent of the Saharan deserts, as well as black-sand beaches created through centuries of volcanic eruptions.

Even The Skies Are Protected

Forty percent of the ancient forests covering the archipelago are under protection. These forests host dozens of wild-life parks, waterfalls and pathways of splendid scenery.
What’s more interesting, not only the forests of the Canaries, but also her skies are protected: The trade winds and the temperature change that they create prevent cloud formation over the islands. So the clear skies above the Canaries are perfect to observe the skies at all times, and there are special legal provisions to prevent electromagnetic and light pollution. Thus, the Canary Islands are one of the world’s best stargazing spots.

A rich marine ecosystem and warm waters… The Canaries are also a top destination for sea mammals. From the big blue whale to lively dolphins, twenty-six different species swim around the islands, often close enough that you can watch them from the shore.

Bareboat or Skippered: If you are a “good captain”, you may prefer bareboat but if you decide to hire a captain for your yacht charter, your experienced skipper will take you the most secluded bays and coves and tell the stories of these places.